Ratoon Graphic Design Buro started in 2011 (from 2011 till 2013 the brand name was Orth Design and the new name was acquired in 2013). We design innovative and creative projects, while our motto is "Be Unique, be Rare", since uniqueness is the key element for the success of each single project.



Two logotypes designed by Ratoon Buro have won the first place in competitions organized by the Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka (Ioannina) and the Cultural Center of Ioannina.
And if you wonder what ratoon stands for... a small shoot growing from the root of a plant...and that shoot is creation!

The way we work is simple

Step 1

Product Description

Step 2

Draft Sending

Step 3


Step 4

Final Project

Why Ratoon

Uniqueness, speed, credibility, creativity and yet, no spelling mistakes (?)!!!